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Fireball home model by Bally/Heathkit 1978


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This is a fun little game. It is based on Bally's "Hokus Pokus". I found this one in PA. This was the first pinball I purchased since 1980 or so. I remember seeing this pinball for sale in the Sears catalog when I was young. In early 2001 I was itching for a new pinball. I had an original Fireball and it was lonely. 20 years and no other pinball in the house to keep it company. I drove to PA with a buddy to check it out. It was in really nice cosmetic shape. The only problem was a target didn't work and one pop bumper needed work. I negotiated a price and in the van it went. We spent the night in Delaware. We dragged it into the hotel room and played all night, it was wonderful. We even got to see a fireworks display from a nearby ball field, awesome.

I got it home and discovered the problems weren't as easy as I had hoped for a fix. ALL the switches and most light sockets were on circuit boards, not normal pinball parts.

Not gonna be pretty trying to find parts. So I took the "easy" way out. I rewired the entire playfield replacing the boards with real pinball parts. Now fixing problems with the playfield will be a breeze. I used parts from scrapped playfields I had collected over the years and the results were amazing. HOURS of sweat all made the game worthwhile.

Fireball home model gets a bad rep from the pinball collectors. Play mine and those feelings are gone, long gone. This is one awesome little pin.