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Cocktail Jamma featuring Ms. Pacman


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My Jamma Cocktail Project Machine.

I bought this maybe 14 years ago from the maintenance guy at the apartments where I lived. I was a bootleg Ms. Pacman when I got it. When I bought it the cabinet was attached to a riser base which made it tall enough to stand on each side and play as opposed to sitting. I removed the base last year. It was damaged badly. After eight years the game stopped working and I just let it collect dust. Late 2001 I brought the cabinet in the house from the dusty garage with the intent to get it working again. After going thru the machine I found that the board was dead. Not being a true PCB I decided to find a replacement. I wanted to rewire the cabinet and make it look better. I discovered that this cocktail was a horribly converted RARE Vanguard. To this day I am horrified how this game was hacked up to make it a bootleg Ms. Pacman. The start buttons were originally on the left. The hack artist moved them to the right to match the crappy CPO he applied. He drilled a new spot for the joystick instead of leaving it where it was. Again to match the CPO on both sides. I decided it was best to remove the Ms. Pac overlays and clean off the pain covering the Vanguard overlay. I need to mention that this Vanguard WAS SERIAL NUMBER 007. Yes, 007. I then returned the joystick and 4 fire buttons to the original spot. For the time being I have non functioning buttons covering the holes that were added when the cabinet was hacked up. I then wired in a new jamma harness and connected it all up. I installed my new bootleg Jamma Ms. Pacman board and I am up and running. All I need to do really is wire up the coin door and install a capacitor kit on the monitor. Of course I need to finish cleaning off the spray paint and install new T-Molding. But now I have a vertical Jamma cabinet ......wooohoooo!!

FYI, for those who don't know JAMMA is a standard pinout used on most games in the 90's and present. Makes swapping out to a new game a LOT easier. Almost plug and play for arcades!!