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Hi Deal 1975 | Fireball home model by Bally/Heathkit 1978 | Fireball 1972 Pre-restoration pix | Freddy: Nightmare On Elm St. 1994 | Round Up Bally 1971 only 70 pieces produced. | Cocktail Jamma featuring Ms. Pacman | Road Blasters cockpit

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What can I say, I like pinball. I've been a player since the 70's. I purchased my first pinball in 1979 at age 15.
I bought a Four Million B.C. for $225. Looking back I should have never sold it. A year later my father bought a Fireball for $300 from the same guy, Dexter Joyner. He ran a route for many years and he was selling off some games
when he retired. I did manage to keep the Fireball after all these years. I am restoring it now as time permits.
During the last year I went a bit crazy and bought a few
more games. These are my games as of 2002.

As time permits I will update this site with individual machine photos and notes.

This is my current collection.